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Everblue RWA v2.11 Update Results in Better User Experience and Greater Functionality.

We've launched Version 2.11 of the Registration Web App! The Registration Web App (RWA) is one of the underlying modules that powers our EverCert platform. This self-service tool allows test-takers to register, pay, and complete their certification and licensure exams online and from home.

New Features

- Order View UI Redesign - Updated the Orders page to showcase a cleaner UI/UX experience for the tenant admins. Ability to click to open Payment Link in a separate window, ability to resend receipt, and ability to quick copy various table fields to clipboard. Added the ability to Filter by Exam(s) and by Date of Order Creation. In addition, there is the ability to modify what columns you would like to see within the table as well by using the Show/Hide Columns modal.

- Audit Trail for Proctor Activities - Added a condensed view for the Proctoring Action Items to an Action Modal, with the ability to review all audit records associated to a given Quiz Attempt. The audit trail allows the user to select from all or each of the audit types: Assignment, Status, Email, and Comments. The condensed actions are proctor assignment, status assignment, and resend notifications (currently only for Pass/Fail emails, if enabled by Tenant and on a particular Exam).

- Ability to Comment on Exam Attempts - Added the use of Comments, so Proctors can leave notes within the RWA system, as opposed to the linked Jira ticket that typically houses a comment trail should one be necessary.

- Ability to Tag an Exam for a Retake Fee - Added the ability to implement a global retake fee that is to be collected by the tenant/client on enrollments that are flagged as a retake. There is ability to adjust the cost, as well as the verbiage used for the Retake that is displayed on the cart and on the receipt.

- Added a Notification Interface for Extensibility for New Notification Types - Expanded the Notification Interface, which will allow for new Notification Types to be created in the future for various new features, functionality, and automated processes.


- Ability to Provide Client Side Identifier for Exam - Added the ability to specify an Exam by a unique client-provided identifier (CPI) as opposed to having to leverage the provided Moodle Course ID to reference an Exam. This allows the ability to change/alter the CPI, to it can tie better back and forth between tenant/client systems that interact with RWA.

- Added "Company" as a Toggle Option for Self-Enrollment - Updated the ability to toggle off the Company record field on Self-Enrollment.

- Updated the File Name Convention to be Date Produced Instead of Batch Date - Updated the report generation to use the CURRENT date, as opposed to the BATCH date, since majority of proctoring doesn’t follow a 3-day delay cycle anymore. Exam attempts within the report will either be the day of or,days beyond the report date based on proctoring.

- Switched Report View to a Report Configuration Modal - Updated the Report Configuration page to be part of the Application Settings page with it’s own modal for modifying the report column items that will appear on the nightly report.

- Added variable alt_ID to Registration, Enrollment, and Resend Notifications - Updated the notifications of Enrollment, Registration, and Resend notifications to leverage the attempt id within the notifications.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed the "Proctor Status" Current Setting - Fixed a UI bug that wouldn’t load the current state of Proctor Status on the Report Configuration page, so when updating, it would overwrite the previous settings.

- Codes Are Reflected in the Cart but Not in Stripe Checkout - Fixed a bug that wasn’t carrying the discount from the CART to the Checkout.

- Change Email Notification to Attached Customer_ID to Order - Fixed an issue with BATCH upload process for tenant/client’s to update Enrollee’s previous email should a username be included on the BATCH upload.

For more information about Everblue’s online exam registration and proctoring software, contact Scott Dillon by emailing scott at goeverblue.com 

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