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For state governments and public utilities implementing HOMES & HEEHRA
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Everblue application and verification portal

Application & Verification Portal

A consolidated homeowner and contractor application portal allows easy submission of eligibility information and rebate requests, with a user-friendly interface that digitizes data collection and integrates with third-party databases to autofill known responses. This integration can also verify identity and income, instantly revealing eligible rebate programs.

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Rebate Workflows

Everblue streamlines home energy rebate management with customizable automated workflows, ensuring efficiency and transparency.

Our platform simplifies applications, automates reviews, integrates with DOE APIs, generates vouchers, and manages funds disbursement, optimizing the process for improved user experience.
We offer a complete testing process in one streamlined platform.
everblue eligible contractor database

Contractor Database

Everblue's contractor database offers a real-time listing of certified individuals available to perform energy efficiency and electrification retrofits under the HOMES and HEEHRA rebate programs.

Contractors will have to meet and uphold standards set by the state energy office or they will be removed from the directory and ineligible to participate in future HOMES or HEEHRA rebate projects.
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