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"innovation is creativity with a job to do."

Innovation is More Than Technology.

Many organizations aspire to be innovative but fail to define what that actually means. They jump to implementing a piece of technology without understanding the problem that they're trying to solve.

Technology is an enabler of innovation but, in and of itself, is not innovative.

Innovation is about people first. Understanding their wants, needs, and pain points is a crucial first step in the process.

Innovation is a Repeatable Process.

No matter the size of the issue, you can use the innovation thinking approach to improve processes and grow ideas.

Once you become skilled in this approach, you can solve problems indefinitely into the future.

Our 12-step process covers best-in-class methods, inspired by the Stanford's design thinking approach.
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We'll teach you practical tools for growth.

Every Person on Your Team Can Innovate.

Innovation is not one person's responsibility, nor is it limited to "cutting-edge" companies like Google or Apple.

We work with state governments, federal agencies, and utilities that have long-term employees with a ton of knowledge. Innovation thinking simply unlocks that expertise and unleashes your team's creative potential to dig deeper into topics.

When you inspire people, they bring their best self to work.

The Innovation Process is Easy to Learn & Fun!

Unlike a typical meeting, our innovation sessions create a fun, engaging environment focused on brainstorming, communication, teamwork, and hands-on activities.

We'll dive into practical exercises that actively teach innovation processes and make innovation accessible to all.

Let us teach your team how to change their mindset to see the great ideas that are right in front of them.
we make the innovation process easy to learn with practical exercises
download our free innovation workbook

Download Our Free Innovation Workbook!

Want a sneak peek into our Innovation Thinking approach?

Here's your chance to experience the concepts, with four challenges that highlight this different way of thinking.

Empower Your Team to Think Differently.

We've derived a number of tools to teach cross-departmental groups about the innovation process.

These sessions can be offered in person or online - either way, participants leave feeling motivated, excited, and ready to take on any challenge they're presented with!
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Our Programs in Action.

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