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Keeping Paper Exams But Want to Replace LXR?

We've helped many state and regulatory agencies transfer away from LXR TEST and other outdated systems.

In doing so, you can retain the same functionality as before, while gaining more capabilities and a more efficient process.

Why settle for an old, dusty piece of software when you can upgrade to a flexible and highly customizable system?

Discontinued in 2002, LXR TEST has not offered customer support since!

Unlike other tech companies that just sell products, Everblue works closely with you during and after software implementation. Our full-time staff of U.S.-based customer service agents provide ongoing support to you and your end users so you can focus on what you do best.

Our platform provides solutions for both test banking and authoring.

Authoring allows a secure process with participants only able to view what you allow them to see. This is especially valuable for organizations that have to comply with accreditation auditing.

Given that LXR TEST reached the end of its life 20+ years ago, it is incompatible with new operating systems and devices.

At Everblue, however, we pride ourselves in having a robust system that can effortlessly integrate with traditional paper-based workflows and/or scale those legacy processes to fully online, automated experiences.

Want to Upgrade Your Current Online Process?

Sometimes you just need a fresh set of eyes, critical thinking skills, and new technology - and that's where Everblue comes in!

Our EverCert platform oversees every step in the certification lifecycle and streamlines every task through automation, ensuring efficiency, responsiveness, and accuracy.

Unlock greater potential in your test delivery and certification process by leveraging Everblue's team of software developers and customer service representatives.

At Everblue, we prioritize our customers' success - and that means answering the phone when our clients and their end users need help!

Our full-time staff of U.S.-based customer service agents are consistently praised for their responsiveness and helpfulness. We are your trusty tech sidekick, available for in-the-moment troubleshooting and forward-looking tech guidance. Consider us an extension of your own team.

Our EverCert platform includes 100+ customizations and integrations, making your test delivery and certification system uniquely tailored to your team's processes.

Inherently flexible and adaptable, you can pick and choose the features that are relevant to your operations and hide anything that's unnecessary.

As you may have already experienced with your current online testing provider, a benefit to digital exams is the ability to access them 24/7/365.

In addition, our system allows for an offline environment that makes testing possible in remote areas. There's no challenge that we haven't already encountered and have thus built into our system!

Trusted by the world's biggest companies and nearly every U.S. state, U.S. federal agency, and over 20 countries worldwide

Unlimited Test Customizations.

We've helped many state agencies transfer away from LXR TEST and other outdated systems.

In doing so, you can retain the same functionality as before AND gain even more options, including randomization of test questions, scrambling of answer choices, user progress dashboard, questions with different media types, user roles & permissions, responsive design for mobile devices, scoring by category (ex: NFPA), email notifications, and more!
We offer a complete testing process in one streamlined platform.

We Value Security & Reliability.

Our cloud-hosted, FedRAMP-authorized software keeps all data safe, secure, and hosted only in the U.S. All data and files are encrypted within our rock-solid framework, which is why our partners in 12+ state government agencies trust Everblue with their online testing and certification needs.
We offer a complete testing process in one streamlined platform.
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