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Our methodology consists of three parts: Mindset, Process, Culture.
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Part 1: Personal Mindset.

This is consistently the most popular part of our programs. The fundamental challenge is that most people judge themselves as not creative or innovative. We change that mindset by providing new approaches and practical exercises. We also include some basic interpersonal dynamics and communications training because gaining the empathy required to understand other people's behavior requires interpersonal interaction and good listening/communicating.

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Part 2: Innovation Process.

This is a derivative of the Stanford's design thinking process. We consolidated the innovation process into four distinct stages and twelve simple and practical steps. We provide all of the tools for individuals and teams to use at every stage of the process. Simplicity and practicality are central to our process. There is no one right way to innovate, and we encourage teams to derive from the work what suits them best.
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Part 3: Creating a Culture of Innovation.

We believe innovation is not an orderly, top-down process. Instead, it usually arises from complex ecosystems and networks of individuals empowered to drive change toward a shared vision. Every company we work with is unique, so we adapt tools and approaches (i.e. Ideathons/Hackathons and stage gates) that are tailored to the company and the industry where it resides.

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