Bringing Developers Together to
Focus on a Specific Software Goal.

During a Hackathon, our software developers will gather to build a working prototype of your project.
Our software solutions will make your business run more efficiently.

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Wide Range of Use Cases.

If your project requires a unique solution, the Hackathon is a great opportunity for technical professionals from various backgrounds to bring their best knowledge to the table. By the end of the Hackathon workshop, we can suggest a precise solution, complete with recommendations on programming language, operating system, device, application, API, and user demographic.

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Pooling Resources to Generate Greater Ideas.

With a cross-departmental gathering, the Hackathon encourages fresh perspectives and new ideas so that the most powerful concepts can be considered. This ensures that the experience produces the best possible solution.
We offer a complete testing process in one streamlined platform.
Save time and money with Everblue Systems

Singularly Focused on a Specific Goal.

Despite coming from different backgrounds, the team participation aspect of a Hackathon makes it so that all parties can unite and support the same idea. After brainstorming and developing a pretotype, the team can experiment and gather feedback for the next round of iteration.

A Time to Collaborate and Create.

Too often, teams get together and talk about what “should” or “could” happen to solve a problem. With the Hackathon, the end goal is to actually produce a working prototype that can be immediately incorporated into business processes. Bring the best minds together for a few hours and marvel at the real, tangible solution that can be immediately used to help others.
We offer a complete testing process in one streamlined platform.
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