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Last updated 28 January 2022.

Description of Certification, Licensure and Academic Admission Test Services
We provide testing services as a service provider under the direction of and on behalf of our test sponsors (that act as an autonomous data controller). The test sponsor is the company or organization that offers certification, licensure, or academic admission testing and controls the test(s) that must be taken to secure such certification, credentialing, licensure, or academic admission. We collect or receive Personal Data from certification, licensure, and academic admission testing candidates and from the test sponsor. The information we may collect or receive includes, but is not limited to, your test registration, incident resolution (such as fraud prevention), collection of payment for testing services you've requested, and your test results of such testing. We use Personal Data in order to perform the testing services related to the administration and delivery of certification, licensure, and academic admission testing on behalf of the test sponsor. Upon completion of your exam, we may collect and score your test responses and then derive a test score and generate a report about your certification, credentialing, licensure, or academic admission test results. In most cases, as it is necessary to perform the services, such scoring will be completed through automated means based on the criteria provided by your test sponsor.

In the event that you submit a request for an accommodation for your certification, licensure or academic admission test, you may be asked to submit health information records in compliance with your test sponsor's requirements, including but not limited to, documentation from your physician evidencing your need for the accommodations. We will work with the test sponsor to evaluate your eligibility for an accommodation and if an accommodation is granted, we will implement an acceptable accommodation solution.

Providing your Personal Data is voluntary but may be necessary if you wish to receive certification, licensure, or academic admission testing services. We will retain your Personal Data for as long as needed to provide our services and for such a period of time as instructed by the test sponsor. To the extent that you request Everblue to delete your Personal Data, it will affect our ability to allow you to register, schedule, and take a test administered and delivered by us on behalf of the test sponsor; or to provide to you any other products or services offered, and such deletion may affect your certification, licensure or academic admission status, dependent on the policy of your test sponsor.

In addition to the Personal Data that we may collect or receive in registering a candidate ("you") for certification, licensure, or academic admission testing the test sponsor may also provide to us or instruct us to collect the following additional Personal Data, as necessary or appropriate, including, but not limited to: language, sponsor identification number, employment information, previous examination history, education information, and source of financing for the test. For candidate verification and identification purposes, we may be instructed to collect all or part of a government-issued identification number.

Depending upon the test sponsor and/or test security requirements, you may be required to provide a copy of your photo identification (for the purposes of identity verification and to protect the security and integrity of the test) and you may be audio- and video-recorded while you are taking the test.

We will handle and treat all Personal Data collected or received by us in connection with certification, licensure, and academic admission test registration and test administration in the manner as described in this Privacy Policy.

Online Proctoring Test Services - Description of Online Proctoring Test Services
If you choose to take the test through Everblue’s platform, in addition to the requirements of Description of Certification, Licensure, and Academic Admission Test Services, you will be monitored over the Internet through your computer via your webcam and microphone. Online proctoring means that you will log on to a test platform through the internet to take your test and you will be monitored during your entire testing session in real-time so that your face, voice, desk and workspace will be captured and a recording will be made of these images for the purposes of test security and the integrity of the testing process. It is your responsibility to monitor your Online proctored testing environment. You must make sure that only you will be recorded during your testing session and that no one else will be physically in the room where you are testing and that no one speaks to you during your testing session. If at any time during an Online proctored testing session a third party enters the workspace or if any third party's voice is detected on the audio recording your testing session may be immediately terminated and the test stopped. If this event occurs, you will not receive a test refund or be credited for any portion of the test fee.

The video and audio recordings are standard test procedures for all test sponsors' Online proctored tests and your video and audio recording will be used for purposes of identity verification, Online observation, incident resolution, such as fraud prevention, test security, and for the integrity of the test and testing process. For more information about how the test sponsor may collect and use your Personal Data we encourage you to review the test sponsor's privacy policy.

Personal Data Collected for Online Proctoring Test Services 
All of the same Personal Data that we collect or receive as described above applies to you when you register to take a test sponsor's Online proctored test. Prior to the start of your Online proctored test you may be required to take a picture of yourself and/or provide your keystroke pattern for the purpose of identity verification. The collection of such data is optional, but necessary if you choose to use the Online proctoring function. You understand that the audio- and video-tapes of your testing session, as well as photos, will be supplied to the relevant test sponsor and any of their appointed agents to assist with their management of your test.

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