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Everblue provides professional development training and delivers end-to-end systems for professional licensure, testing, and certification.

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Save time and money with Everblue Systems

A Sustainable and Scalable Solution.

Whether your organization has 2 exams or 25+ exams, we can host your questions, register your candidates, verify their identities, proctor their behavior, and grade their exams efficiently using our software development capabilities and integrations. The entire process is online, automated, and accessible to candidates from all over the globe.

Trusted by the world's biggest companies and nearly every U.S. state, U.S. federal agency, and over 20 countries worldwide

Quick Turnaround Time to Launch Your Exams Online.

Our team of developers are highly proficient and experienced with launching online exams. A fast turnaround is our #1 priority, and we guarantee to beat your anticipated deadline.
We offer a complete testing process in one streamlined platform.
Save time and money with Everblue Systems

Try Our Credential Management Service.

Start with automating just one of your certification or licensure exams. You’ll be so happy with the time we’ve saved you that you’ll, no doubt, want to send us more of your exams.
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Great for State and Federal Government Agencies.

We work with several agencies to administer, proctor, and score their certification and licensure exams. In Tennessee, we’ve helped the Department of Agricultural Resources bring 15 of its exams online, resulting in hundreds of newly certified and licensed pesticide contractors every day!
We offer a complete testing process in one streamlined platform.
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