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EverCert v1.11 Update Reveals a Sleek Transformation.

Exciting news!  EverCert has undergone a sleek transformation, with the introduction of a user-friendly side navigation administrative dashboard setup. Say goodbye to cluttered top navigation and experience a more efficient and organized way to navigate the EverCert application!

See more updates below:

Manage a List of POCs for Notifications

This will be the panel that allows an Admin to set a series of points of contact for various notifications, which is phase 1 of the overall process.

In future iterations, those notifications will be automatically triggered by related actions associated with those notifications.

The following notifications are exposed. (The actions of these are not developed. Phase 2 will consist of those action items.)

  1. Proctor Feedback - Will send email notifications automatically from the system when an attempt is flagged with a place for the tenant to provide feedback or approve/fail the attempt.
  2. ID Issues - Will send email notifications automatically from the system when an attempt is flagged ID Issue, which will notify anyone that has the selection, as well as the test taker, so an ID can be uploaded and the proctoring can be completed.

Table View of Exams Within EverCert for Admins

Admin will now be able to see all the Exams that are active within EverCert and their settings.

Expanded Auditing Capabilities

The Audit Logs have expanded their capabilities to provide a comprehensive window into user activities, empowering our support team with detailed insights for faster, more effective issue resolution. In addition to the capabilities added, the POC interface will also audit record additions and modifications.

Changed Top Nav to Side Nav and Provided Admin UI Experience

The navigation bar was reformatted to the side to provide the Admin Dashboard style design. This design allows for more items to be easily added with associated icons and highlights to indicate the page or view you are on.

UI Redesign

The Exam Management View was overhauled to fit the new product design with more details showcased on the table view for each exam. In addition to the extended table data, it is now more user-friendly with the use of icons and color codes to easily identify specific exam settings.

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