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Everblue Doubles Year-Over-Year Virtually Proctored Exam Volume.

Since 2020, many organizations have had to quickly pivot to offer online training and exams. What started as a temporary solution – remotely proctoring exams online – has now become the norm.  Instead of returning to in-person training and exams, many organizations and test-takers are choosing the online option, citing the immediacy and convenience.

Everblue, a technology company that digitizes and administers online certification and licensure exams, offered twice as many remote exams in 2021 than it did the previous year. 

Chris Boggiano

“The majority of online exams administered were for our state government clients,” said Chris Boggiano, president of Everblue. “I think this speaks to the desire to innovate and modernize in the public sector. Digitizing state contractor exams ended up not only being necessary during the pandemic, but the preferred route afterward because a well-built, customized online testing process is more efficient for both the state staff and the individual test-taker. Online testing removes the hassle of scheduling an appointment, taking time away from work, traveling to a testing center, and appearing in person – all of which can be done from home now.” 

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was no surprise that many organizations scrambled to digitize their content in order to continue operating under stay-at-home quarantine rules. Organizations offering in-person training, exams, and certifications quickly pursued online alternatives to help candidates reach their goals.

Although the pandemic forced these organizations to modernize, the benefits of digital transformation suddenly became apparent: greater efficiency, more convenience, and reduced frustrations, to name a few. As the world has largely returned to “normal,” these organizations have not only kept their virtual offerings but added onto them.

State government agencies in Florida, Massachusetts, and Arkansas digitized a handful of exams at first, to determine whether it made sense to move away from legacy paper-based testing. After successful soft launches, they digitized additional exams.

“We always knew that online test delivery and remote proctoring would be game-changers,” Boggiano said. “But it’s also pretty incredible that we can deliver hundreds of thousands of exams simultaneously…different types of exams – pesticide licensing, HR onboarding, etc. – to candidates worldwide, with sophisticated test logic to ensure that no two exams are the same…and doubling exam volume doesn’t even ruffle our feathers.”

Everblue continues to be a thought leader in the digital transformation space. Boggiano actively encourages community members to be progressive in their thinking and to relentlessly experiment with better ways to solve problems. He serves as a mentor for LaunchCLT, a collaborative community of entrepreneurs dedicated to sharing knowledge and motivating growth of the technology-based startup scene in the greater Charlotte, NC area. He frequently organizes LaunchCLT events focused on technologies of the future, including an event on October 18 about virtual reality.

“Being open to new technologies, whether it’s something as exciting as virtual reality or as everyday as online licensure exams, will ultimately help you to embrace an innovator’s mindset and to implement positive changes in your organization faster,” Boggiano said. “The right technology can improve your life, and at Everblue, we love using technology to solve peoples’ problems.”

For more information about Everblue’s online testing portal, contact Chris Boggiano by emailing chris at goeverblue.com.

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