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Everblue to Build & Maintain Online Learning Management System for State of Minnesota.

Everblue, an organization that specializes in online training and instructional design has been contracted by the Minnesota Department of Commerce’s Division of Energy Resources (DER) to increase the efficiency, quality, and effectiveness of the Minnesota Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP).

The contract calls for the completion of two projects: the creation of a Weatherization Installer Badges training program and the hosting of content in an online learning management system (LMS). Everblue will deliver both before the end of the year.

Anthony Ericksen, a senior instructor for Everblue, will use his unique background in building science and professional acting to produce 25 online training modules about weatherization and energy efficiency.

The content will then be uploaded and maintained in the custom LMS platform that Everblue’s software development team is building out. By hosting the training modules in an online LMS, professionals can easily access the training from anywhere with an Internet connection and from any Internet-compatible device. 

Chris Boggiano

“Many building shell professionals regularly work at residential job sites instead of an office,” said Chris Boggiano, president of Everblue. “Hosting content in an LMS provides greater access to those who are always on the go. In addition to the convenience and flexibility, an LMS is also a secure and reliable way of distributing standardized training to large groups of people. It’s excellent quality control for the state, to ensure that all the right information is reaching its intended audience.” 

Boggiano and the software development team have worked closely with the MN DER to customize the look and feel of the LMS interface. Not only have they considered user demographics and aesthetics, but they have also worked through over 200 intricate settings, such as user and staff permissions, course progress, scoring, badging, reporting, and more.

“In addition to providing the kind of impactful training that Minnesota is looking for, I’m pleased to say that we also have the instructional technology skills to make their vision for an accessible, convenient, user-friendly, and reliable learning platform a reality,” Boggiano said. “We consistently blow our clients’ minds when we show them how much better an online learning platform is than the traditional in-person training format. The platform itself reduces administrative frustrations and logistical burdens; layer in all the detailed settings, and it’s simply incredible how the end product seamlessly runs in the background without anyone having to think twice about it again.”

For more information about Everblue’s building science training or its instructional technology services, contact Chris Boggiano by emailing chris at goeverblue.com.

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