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Everblue RWA v2.10 Update Improves Response Times for Customer Service and Proctoring.

We've launched Version 2.10 of the Registration Web App! The Registration Web App (RWA) is one of the underlying modules that powers our EverCert platform. This self-service tool allows test-takers to register, pay, and complete their certification and licensure exams online and from home.

New Features

- Proctor UI Redesign - Added the ability for Proctors to  assign, re-assign, or un-assign a proctor quickly and easily using a short few clicks. Expanded the table data, to showcase more details to the proctors, to allow for them to quick identify and update proctoring statuses of a return exam attempt. Expanded the ability for customer support to re-send pass or fail notifications to the enrollee/quiz taker with a click of a button, as opposed to having to wait until the nightly batch notification(s) to send off the notification of exam status.

- Sequential Exams - Added the ability for Tenants to have exams sessions, where all exam(s) must be completed on an order within the start/end of the first priority/weighted exam, which triggers the other exams in the session to become available for testing. For Example: if a Core is required first, then it would have a higher order weight than a Category Exam, to ensure during an Exam Session the order weight would take effect.


- Provide Feedback to the User After a Voucher Has Been Submitted/Applied - Expanded the feedback information that is displayed to the user, so it’s no longer generic accepted or rejected notification(s). It will provide information such as in use, expired, etc.

- Update Stripe Receipt to Show Exam + First and Last Name of Enrollee - Exam receipt(s) will not have enrollee’s first and last names, as well as the exam in the line item to make it easier to identify what the payment information relates too.

- Added the Ability to Send Receipt - Added the ability for customer service representatives to send out receipts using RWA to streamline the process, so receipts can be quickly disposed to the enrollee and/or the optional secondary email address (such as employer, etc.).

- Find and Update Old Toast to New Toast Code - Updated toast notifications to have uniform behavior across the product.

- Added "Company" as Option to Output to Batch Report - Added company as option to be written to the reports that are generated nightly.

- Enrollee Configuration UI Modal - Expanded the ability to access Self-Service enrollee information toggles via the Settings panel, to make it easier for Everblue admins to configure self-enrollment fields, like SSN, Mail Address, etc.

- Added Additional Hold Status Options - Added new HOLD statuses, so proctors can easily identify the HOLD of an exam/quiz attempt by the status, as opposed to looking at the notes of the attempt. (Note: This will open up for automotive tasks/emails to be triggered off these statuses in the future).

- Removed Archived/Invisible Exams from Reordering List - Modified the exam reordering option to exclude archived/invisible exams from reordering, as those are not displayed in the self-enrollment of exams, and makes it easier to configured for Everblue admins.

“A lot of what was done was to improve our ability to provide faster response times on things such as customer service and proctoring,” said Scott Dillon, product manager. “We are constantly iterating and innovating to provide the best possible user experience.”

 For more information about Everblue’s online exam registration and proctoring software, contact Scott Dillon by emailing scott at goeverblue.com 

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