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Everblue Integrates Its Registration and Certification Management System with Scantron.

Everblue software developers have bridged the certification and credentialing processes of two organizations using innovation and technology. As a result, candidates seeking certification from the federal government can now gain their credential more efficiently.

Scantron develops and delivers millions of digital education assessments and certification tests each year. It supports leading educational institutions, certifying bodies, small to large businesses, and government agencies around the globe. 

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One of Scantron’s clients, a certifying body backed by the federal government, wanted to make the test registration, delivery, and credential management processes more efficient using automation. Because Everblue hosts the certifying body’s registration and certification management system, its software development team was able to custom-build a series of automated workflows that would send candidate information back and forth between the proprietary system and Scantron.

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“One side of the integration with Scantron is us pushing candidate eligibility information to them, such as verifying that a user has satisfied the prerequisites and paid for the exam,” said Sid Bergstresser, Everblue’s chief technology officer. “After the user completes their exam, Scantron will send us the pass/fail information, which then sets off a series of automated workflows, such as resetting an eligibility window or requesting a retest fee.” 

Everblue’s custom-built layers of automation and workflow improvements create a hassle-free, streamlined process for the federal government to dramatically grow and scale its certification program. 

For more information about Everblue’s online test delivery and software development services, contact Sid Bergstresser by emailing sid at goeverblue.com.

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