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Everblue Innovation Expert Invited to Speak on Digitization and Improved Safety for Utility Teams.

The Utility Analytics Institute has invited Jon Boggiano of Everblue to present to its Safety Analytics Community about how the digitization of paper documents can lead to improved communication and improved safety.

Boggiano will reference his experience working alongside one of the largest utilities in the Northeast and will talk about how transforming a basic safety document from a rote paper exercise to a dynamic digital experience has not only improved user experience but also improved response times, promoted engagement, improved reporting, and improved safety for all.

Jon Boggiano

“Our digitization services are not solely about replacing paper documents with technology,” Boggiano said. “The first step, the most important step, and the mindset that guides us through the entire project is the human element. We interviewed cross-departmental teams and roles to understand how they use and relay job site information, and we built the job briefing document into an interactive, mobile-responsive form that uniquely addresses each demographic and use case. As a result, the end users actually enjoy using the new technology and likewise benefit from the improved efficiency that the digital form allows.”

In addition to digitizing the form itself, Everblue’s technology team synced the form with a workflow that automatically routes form content to relevant stakeholders - in the field or in the office - to ensure that all parties have instant access to the most up-to-date information concerning a job site. The workflow eliminates all delays that would otherwise occur due to field technicians having to drive back to the office, hand over a paper document, and for that single version of the document to be manually passed along to supervisors and staff. Now, all parties will have access to the information in seconds.

“By rapidly improving access and communication, we also improve safety,” Boggiano said. “We’re making critical information quicker to access so that there are no surprises or gaps of knowledge. When everyone’s on the same page, you reduce the possibility of danger or injury.”

The Safety Analytics Community aims to reduce Serious Injury and Fatality exposures and energy hazards by improving data collection, sharing process and methods best practices, and by identifying leading prescriptive and descriptive analytics.

Leslie Cook, who manages membership, engagement, and training for the Utility Analytics Institute, commented that Everblue’s example of digital transformation is particularly interesting because it focuses on the “people side of things.” 

Jon Boggiano has led workshops focused on innovation thinking and business process improvement for over 10 years, working with federal and state government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, fast-growing startups, and nonprofit organizations.

For more information about Everblue’s Innovation Thinking services, email jon@goeverblue.com.

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