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LXR Test Alternative Takes Online Test Delivery Even Further.

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LXR TEST software was a leader in its day (early 2000s) for online test delivery, item banking, and reporting.

Though its end of life came in 2002, many organizations STILL use LXR testing to this day! Aside from the obvious fact that customer support and troubleshooting for the product is non-existent now, we believe we have a strong alternative to LXR TEST in our EverCert product.

Online Test Delivery via LMS

Similar to the LXR exam software, EverCert is based on a learning management system (LMS). In fact, Moodle (one of the most popular LMS programs today) first launched in 2002, as LXR TEST was fading away. 

The difference between LXR and Moodle, however, is that LXR was owned by a single company, whereas Moodle is open-source. The benefit of the latter is that the code is made freely available, and therefore developers from all over the world can build on top of it and expand its capabilities. That's what helps Moodle to grow and evolve over the years, keeping it current and effective for organizations with online training and exam content.

Not to mention, Moodle's interface is more user-friendly to navigate and modern in its appearance compared to the old timey, early Windows PC gray boxy interface of LXR TEST.

LXR TEST Interface
Moodle Interface

Moodle LMS offers many, if not more, features than LXR TEST, including:

Given its expansive and robust range of features, it's no wonder that so many higher ed institutions and vocational training organizations use Moodle for their learning management and online test delivery needs.

Also, because Moodle is open source, there are a variety of integrations and plugins that can be layered on top of the native functionality to produce a more customized solution. Our EverCert product, for example, provides end-to-end certification and licensure management, where Moodle is one small component of the overall process. We're able to integrate candidate application processing, payment collection, automated test enrollment, and proctoring in addition to simply hosting the digitized exam content.

Item Banking and Question Authoring

A big selling point for LXR TEST back in the day was its ability to offer item banking, which is the purposeful creation of a database of test questions to serve as a central repository for reuse.

Imagine that an exam has a "core" section, followed by a series of "specialty" sections. There might be a bank of 10 core questions that get reused in each of the specialty exams. This saves time on the part of the admin constructing the exam because they don't have to rewrite those 10 core questions every time; they simply select the existing questions from the bank and apply them to the exam in question.

EverCert again serves as a strong alternative to LXR TEST because it can support a wide variety of question types and media files for exam questions in an item bank. Enjoy the following video that talks about EverCert's question formats, starting at 0:41.

Unlike LXR TEST, EverCert also includes question authoring, which is similar to item banking in that both offer a repository of test questions. However, question authoring is a sophisticated process for requesting, creating, and tracking test questions for psychometric and statistical purposes.

EverCert's question authoring feature creates a firewall between test administrators, teachers/proctors, and subject matter experts to ensure fairness and quality of test questions. This is particularly important for organizations seeking ANSI Accreditation, because they need to demonstrate a non-biased approach to test question creation.

Scoring & Reporting

Out of the box, EverCert can automatically grade and score exam attempts for candidates. Regardless of whether the exam is set to randomize the order of questions and/or answer choices, the system is intelligent enough to always match the right answer to the question and automatically grade the exam. Grades can also be set to be pass/fail, a numerical score, or a pass/fail with a numerical score.

As a cloud-based product, EverCert has the robust ability to support hundreds of thousands of online test-takers at one time. With its automatic scoring capabilities, EverCert makes it easy for organizations to grow and scale.

EverCert offers the ability for admins to generate customized reports based on the item banking and question authoring tools. The simple drag-and-drop interface makes it so that anyone with the right level of system permissions can create a report, not just technical developer types. If an organization needs to generate advanced reports about standard deviation and exam difficulty for ANSI Accreditation, EverCert can help with that.

Did We Mention Security and Reliability?

Many organizations offering testing and certification care about the security and integrity of their exams. Specifically in a post-COVID world with many organizations moving away from paper-based exams, there's some skepticism and apprehension about online exam security. 

However, we have taken every precaution to ensure the integrity and credibility of an organization, its exam content, and the resulting certification or licensure remains intact. 

Not only does EverCert offer test proctoring, but our clients can choose from a number of proctoring solutions - live in person, live online, remote AI-based video, etc. In each scenario, we have gateways in place to verify a candidate's identity, monitor suspicious behavior during an exam, lock down browser activity, and prevent cheating.

Moreover, EverCert is hosted in an AWS cloud environment, which is FEDRAMP certified and mains a SOC2 report. In other words, all data is safe, secure, and hosted only in the U.S. All data and files are encrypted at rest and in transit. We store and protect data in a serverless Aurora database configured for PostgreSQL, which is capable of point-in-time rewind or restore. The database, file system, and detailed logging from all resources are additionally automatically backed up into a compliance account with WORM policies in place (Write Once, Read Many) and no direct ability to delete files without root access. 

All this to say that EverCert picks up where LXR TEST software left off and adds in numerous features for a better, more secure online testing experience.

Migrating from LXR TEST

A handful of our clients have migrated from LXR TEST to EverCert and have been very happy with the outcome.

When you replace LXR TEST with EverCert, you take your online tests to the next level of modernization and digital transformation. EverCert will cover your entire certification lifecycle.

For more information about EverCert or to schedule a demo, contact us by email or call (800) 460-2575.

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