Maintain the Integrity & Credibility
of Your Online Exam.

EverCert integrates with a variety of online test proctoring programs.

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Everblue provides professional development training and delivers end-to-end systems for professional licensure, testing, and certification.

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Catch Suspicious Behavior & Prevent Cheating.

When it comes to online testing, many organizations worry that candidates will copy and paste the test questions. When you incorporate online proctoring, we lock down a user’s browser and stop their ability to do exactly that. In addition, we record all exam attempts and review the session to look for unusual behavior during the exam.
prevent cheating with online test proctoring
EverCert provides great flexibility with its online test proctoring options

We Can Do Whatever Kind of Proctoring You Need.

No one proctoring solution is perfect; some tools prioritize security while others prioritize ease of use. Where do you fall on that scale? We have options for every situation!

You can even use the EverCert system to deliver tests in person if you’re not comfortable with online proctoring.

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