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Mattel Uses Innovation Thinking to Empower Its Team to Explore the Wonder of Childhood.

By Jon Boggiano
Jon Boggiano at Mattel

I felt honored to have the opportunity to interact with the playful and creative minds at Mattel in El Segundo, CA. Over the span of two days, we talked about Mattel's legacy of innovation and how that type of thinking offers limitless possibilities in the business world.

Mattel, the famous toy manufacturing and entertainment company, has always been forward-thinking in its pursuit to inspire and delight children. Known for products like Barbie, Hot Wheels, American Girl, UNO, and Polly Pocket, Mattel has long been a leader in experimentation and purposeful play.

I can't think of a company that represents the core values of innovation thinking better than Mattel. So it was such a pleasure to present my findings on the innovation thinking mindset and the practical tools that encourage creative thought.

Everyone had such a blast breaking into teams and brainstorming ideas. I even heard that other employees in the building were actually jealous that they couldn't attend, which is great feedback for me to hear!

Here are a few images from the event: 

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