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Queensland Traffic Offenders Program Digitizes Course Content, Streamlines Process.

"I just had a whole list of things that I had, to tick the boxes for me. I said to the team, ‘If you guys can’t cover every single aspect that I’m looking for, you aren’t going to work for us.' But they literally went out of their way to make sure that it did work. Everblue stood out to me for its professionalism, communication, and attention to detail. I love Sid and Jamie. They’re my lifesavers. Despite different countries and time zones, they’re contactable, which is fantastic. They’re lovely. It’s been a great partnership." - Lara Hickling, QTOP Director


QTOP developed an online training program but needed an online platform with user authentication and attendance features to verify program completion to court magistrates.

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Queensland Traffic Offenders Program (QTOP) started in 2006 and grew to be the most recognized road safety education program in Southeast Queensland, offering face-to-face trainings twice a week in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

In 2016, program director Lara Hickling noticed increased interest from regional areas of Queensland. She wanted to grow her business but knew it’d be extremely difficult to deliver the same quality training in multiple locations while also being a hands-on mother to five children.

In order to serve more clients, Lara decided to develop an online program. However, she needed additional security features, such as facial recognition, online proctoring, and video recording to satisfy the magistrates’ strict requirements about user authentication and program completion.


Everblue managed the whole development process, including online course delivery, proctoring, user verification, attendance, and video recording.

“The magistrates are so accepting of our program because we have the recording and can prove that a person completed the program,” said Lara. “We’re the only company that has a recording. Proctoring isn’t a big thing here in Australia yet. People now call me to ask who I use and who developed it.”


Greater Reach

“As a mum, it was very hard to actually do the face-to-face program while having young children,” said Lara. “With interest from regional Queensland gearing up, I had to come up with a program where I didn’t have to physically be there, but I had to have proof that people were doing it. That’s why I researched proctoring. And it’s been successful. I’m happy with it. We’re getting fantastic feedback.”

Time & Energy Savings

“It’s been great that I can actually do this from home and still be with my family,” said Lara. “I’m still a mum as well and trying to run this company around my family, and having the support that I have from Everblue just helps make it easier for me as well.”

Peace of Mind

“The magistrate can call me any time and say, ‘Lara, I want you to show me this user doing session 2 of your program.’ And I can actually go on and show that. There’s no way that I’m going to sign a report to a magistrate on someone’s attendance and potentially perjure myself. I had to be strict with the whole setup to make sure it wasn’t going to fail, and it’s been really exciting to see it all work out.”

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