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Fastaff Innovates the New Employee Orientation Process With Online Test Delivery and Proctoring.

"Improved efficiency, improved staffing, and saved money. This is such a better experience for nurses, our clients, and our company. And my experience with Everblue has been really amazing. Jamie and others from Everblue are always ‘on it’ so quickly." - Michelle Brudigan, Vice President of Clinical Services


"Our biggest hospital client had an inefficient and expensive in-person testing and certification program."

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As the pioneer and industry leader in Rapid Response nurse staffing, Fastaff is dedicated to providing travel nurses with premier assignments at prestigious hospitals nationwide. Fastaff partners with large healthcare facilities and small community hospitals to meet acute staffing needs and provide round-the-clock, unparalleled patient care.

One of Fastaff’s largest healthcare clients relied on an orientation process that required nursing candidates to complete a series of competency exams in person. Fastaff seized the opportunity to improve efficiency by suggesting that the client offer its exams online in a training platform with remote proctoring.

Otherwise, Fastaff risked wasting money on sending a nurse to orientation who didn’t pass his/her exams. This also resulted in the hospital being unexpectedly understaffed.


"Provide an online exam hosting and proctoring solution to securely deliver their training and testing requirements before a nurse ever even travels to the hospital - saves time, money, and headache!"

Fastaff partnered with Everblue on three core areas:

Fastaff’s client wanted to preserve the integrity of its orientation experience and didn’t know how to validate that the correct user was taking the exam.

The client provided all of its exams and answers to Everblue, who then added the content to an online learning management system.

The Process

"Everblue did a really great job of setting up the expectations and giving us all of the questions that needed to be asked."

There were four fundamental steps before launch:


"Your team was able to build the product and test it in a VERY QUICK period - probably 2 weeks."

After retrieving the content from Fastaff ’s client, Everblue’s team was able to load 12 exams into the online testing portal, complete with settings for timing out, user attempts/exam, and delays between retakes. This automated approach saved staff from having to manually coordinate exam attempts and offered convenience to nurse candidates testing from home.

Each exam ranged from 15 to 50 multiple-choice questions. In addition to loading the questions into the software, Everblue’s team also verified that the correct answer and scoring settings were put into place.

In order to get certified, nurse candidates must take and pass multiple exams. Depending on his/her specialty, a candidate may take between 4-7 exams before earning a placement at a hospital.

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