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Australian Traffic Offenders Program Increases Enrollment and Revenue Using Online Exam Hosting.

"With the success of the QTOP online program, we were able to then develop the ATOP online program. I am very thankful for the experience, knowledge and service that Everblue offers for my business to grow. Without the online program, we would have closed our doors, especially during COVID.” - Lara Hickling, ATOP Director


"We needed to create an online business model to reach new users throughout Australia."

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Lara Hickling originally partnered with Everblue to transition her Queensland Traffic Offenders Program (QTOP) from a classroom-only training experience to an online training and proctoring business. After that success, Lara continued working with Everblue, with the goal of expanding the business from Queensland to all of Australia. This led to a new business called the Australian Traffic Offenders Program (ATOP).

Like the QTOP project, the ATOP project required online test delivery and secure online proctoring services. Unlike the established QTOP program, the new ATOP project also required an e-commerce website, which would give users the ability to register for, access, and complete their online road safety education program with a simple one-stop-shop experience.


"Everblue managed the entire process and delivered a training & test delivery platform, complete with marketing website, registration, and desired security features."

QTOP/ATOP partnered with Everblue on three core areas:

Lara trusted the Everblue development team to create an online platform that would handle registration, course hosting, and user verification. She knew the online program would allow a consistent delivery of road safety education throughout the country, which would ultimately save lives.


"The online program and proctoring couldn't have happened without Everblue. They were the piece that made everything fit together."

There were four fundamental steps before launch:


"We are the only traffic offenders program in the world with facial recognition software, and we're looking to actually expand now further, internationally!"

The new ATOP website, which launched in late 2018, allows Lara to reach users throughout Australia. Website metrics show a significant number of users in Western Australia - 3606 km (2241 miles) from where QTOP first found success in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

“It’s been exciting to see my business expand and to be acknowledged - not just in southeast Queensland - but now Australia-wide!’ Lara said.

Historically, QTOP’s main referral base had been local magistrates and private lawyers. Now, Lara can efficiently acquire and convert new leads through the ATOP e-commerce website and online learning portal.

ATOP quickly grew from a dream idea to a successful business. And Lara now hopes to create an international division, to be named ITOP, with Everblue’s help.

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